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Sheep's Cinnabon Craft 2.0


Sheep's Cinnabon Craft 2.0 is a super fun, small community Factions server where there's always something to do! Our main focus is the Factions Survival world, but we also have other fun things like Creative plots and even a few minigames! We have many different plugins to enhance everyone's gameplay! The owner, sheepthecow, has managed 6 different Minecraft servers in the past, but the original Sheep's Cinnabon Craft was the only one that really had any kind of success. It was the same general type of server as version 2.0 is, with factions, a few minigames, and no one would ever get bored, but the two things that held it back - one, it was home-hosted, and two, it was whitelisted. Now, we have a decicated server host and will try to keep the server 24/7 as often as we can. We want to re-create our fun times we've had in the past on a non-whitelisted server and build a small, regular community of players who will always enjoy our server! Here at SCC2, we want to give back the epic experiences we have had on our favorite servers in the past. Join now and turn our dreams into reality!

If all you want is staff, how it works is that there are no applications. The way you earn staff is showing us that we can trust you through hours played on the server and being helpful towards others regardless of your rank. However, if you ask for staff immediately upon joining, that tells us that you just want staff to screw things up, and that will make your chances much, MUCH slimmer.

Now get out there and have fun!

DON'T FORGET: Recruit your friends (and have them let us know they sent you) to receive the MEMBER rank in-game! :D

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