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oin our epic world of 1.4.4 and build your empire, keep your stuff safe with [private] chests, or join a town and try to help it expand. Minevival has a big spawn island (downloaded from PMC, made by Aurelien_Sama and edited by us :-) ) and an epic own made wildspawn in our new 1.4.4 map with lots of traps and secrets.

You can make money by: trading, winning at the Casino, voting for the server or even sell to shops in the market or shops at spawn. You can also join one of our 3 mob-arenas and fight mobs with a team to reach the final wave (wave 100) and get moneyitem prizes. We got custom classes which will require good teamwork.

Furthermore, we have several ranks on our rank ladder, the first 2 ranks are reachable by normal players. After that there are 5 donator ranks. You can buy these via buycraft with PayPal or most credit cards. After you bought one of the rankitemmoney packages, you will get them automatically ingame within 15 minutes. Finally there are 5 staff ranks. Do you think you can become a good, solid staff member? Then you’re allowed to make an application on our website.

Hope to see you ingame.

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