This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Valinor (1.7.2)

Mob Arena! (New Roman Colosseum)
Capital Hill

Welcome to Valinor! Valinor is an economy-based server that features almost anything you could possibly want in a Minecraft Server! Our economy functions in all 8 of our worlds, thus, you can use your money (/bal) anywhere! There is buying, selling, tax, interest, and more!

Our server features a plethora of unique worlds and attractions including:

  • The Hub @ /spawn (where you start your adventure)

    • Impressive spawn location and centre of the server
    • Access to all other worlds via portals
    • Banking
    • Lotteries
    • Rules Book, Commands Book, and info. on donation packages
  • A City and Business World @ /warp valinor (/warp downtown), /warp newrome , & /warp nirvana (the 3 cities)

    • Expertly designed cities, including Valinor, our capital
    • City plots @ /warp downtown (w) /res market list
    • Player-operated mall with rent-able stores @ /warp downtown (w) /res market list
    • Server Shops @ /warp downtown & /warp newrome
    • Banking (in all cities) (buildings with a $ on the front)
    • Hospitals (in all cities)
    • Lotteries @ /warp downtown
    • An Aquarium and a Farm @ /warp Nirvana
    • City Halls (w) Villager Trading, Maps, Command Books and Rule Books (in all cities)
    • A Hotel @ /warp newrome
    • A donator's shop @ /warp newrome (visit website listed below)
  • A Survival World @ /warp survival

    • Beautiful Spawn with all the info. you will need to play
    • Claims system using claim blocks earned 3 ways: over time, using /buyclaimblocks, & purchasing them (visit website listed below)
    • Griefing allowed in unclaimed areas
    • No PvP
    • Nether @ /warp nether
    • The End (no warp access)
  • A Factions World @ /warp factions

    • Spawn listing crucial info. regarding factions (safezone protected from PvP and monsters)
    • Rival server factions (Arella & Nightguard) open for all to join
    • Create your own faction or join a friend's
    • PvP enabled everywhere except safezones and allied faction land
    • Raiding and Griefing allowed (keep your power up to prevent grief)
    • Make allies, enemies, and truces at your will
  • A Minigames World @ /warp minigames (accessible from Valinor) - All games accessible directly from minigames world -

    • Hungergames: Show Katniss who's boss! @ /sg join
    • New Roman Colosseum: Mob Arena with difficult waves and high rewards @ /warp newrome THEN /ma join
    • Apocalypse: Free-for-all COD style @ /mg join apocalypse
    • Divide: Team Deathmatch COD style @ /mg join divide
    • Spleef: Valinor's take on a Minecraft classic @ /mg join spleef
    • Parkour: Challenging and rewarding @ /mg join parkour
    • The Twisted Hedge: Very confusing and entertaining maze @ /mg join thetwistedhedge
    • Roller Coaster: From caves to the sky! (no warp access)
  • A PvP Arena @ /warp PvP

    • A safe spawn where you can purchase essential supplies
    • An elaborate PvP Arena featuring multi-level combat
    • HIGH RISK, HIGH REWARD: If you die, you lose all of your items & experience!
    • No fall damage
    • Jump boost
  • An excellent and friendly staff and community.

  • A beautiful and well-maintained community website featuring forums, chatting, instant messaging, voting, donating and more.

  • And so much more!

We hope you consider trying out our young Minecraft Server, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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