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Just A Survival Server


Our goal is to provide you guys with a simplistic and mostly vanilla survival minecraft experience, and we want to aim for quality and a friendly community for all to enjoy.

Raiding is absolutely allowed, but not directly encouraged. To protect your property from other players with griefy intentions, we offer WorldGuard region protection.

It should be noted that TNT and fire-spread is disabled. This is because both have very destructive potential, leading to troublemakers burning down entire forests and creating huge, ugly craters everywhere.

Withers cannot be spawned in the overworld due to their destructive powers, and can only be summoned in The Nether, The End or in the Wither Arena; a controlled environment where you can fight it in an enclosed area.

The basic concept of the server will always stand, but we are all ears to the community and what the players have to say. Via our associated Discord server, you can pop in a suggestion, and we will consider putting it up for a vote. The Discord server is also the go-to for practical information, and easily contact other players or staff members.

Hope to see ya around o/

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