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United Factions UK


Welcome to United Factions UK!

We are a new up and coming Minecraft factions server, and believe we can offer you a truly amazing and unique factions experience.

After playing on many, many other minecraft servers we at UFUK decided that we didn't really like the way things were done on many big and popular minecraft servers and thought we could do a better job.

We decided that we prefered smaller, tighter knit minecraft servers with strong, friendly communities as opposed to huge, commercialized 'mass-market' minecraft servers.

This is why we created the UFUK server in the hope that we could create a medium-sized community of regular players that enjoy playing minecraft together in an environment that is friendly, fair and above all fun.

We will always continue to stand by these values and hope you will enjoy playing on our server!

Server Features:

  • We have a wide range of plugins including Factions, mcMMO, Essentials & WorldGuard.
  • Create your own faction or join an existing one and progress through the ranks.
  • Wage war against and form alliances with other factions!
  • Build a base, horde riches, and defend your land!
  • Powerful factions will be asked to join the United Factions, a player managed organisation that will greatly influence the way the game is played.
  • The United Factons will be able to create and vote on new laws, form trade agreements and impose sanctions on unlawful factions.
  • Outlaw factions can decide to go against the rules set by the United Factions, but will be hunted by the United Factions throughout the land.
  • Complete server challenges for rewards, complete them all for a mystery prize!
  • Gain ranks, titles and privileges by regularly playing on the server and helping others.
  • Optional donations available for additional benefits
  • We have friendly staff that are happy to help and entertain you with their unrivaled wit.

PLEASE NOTE: LAWS created by the United Factions will change and can be broken. Server RULES can not.

Join now, have fun and help us to grow the server!


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