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KGC Pixelmon 2.5.2


Hi there everyone! KGC Pixelmon is now being released, unfortunately we had a minor setback with our map and it had to be replaced, therefore we had to rebuild the map. Instead of rebuilding every town and using up the rest of this months time paid I decided to simply make a spawn, market, trading center, and spawn pokecenter. This is basically everything needed to play and enjoy pixelmon. The server is free-roam as of right now meaning there are no towns, gyms, or any of that. You play the game your way. There will however be Tournaments hosted by the staff where the Gym Leaders must battle any challengers, the winner of the Tourny get a pokemon reward as well as some cash! With that being said, winning tournaments will catch the attention of the staff, this means winning a lot = high chances of becoming one of the Elite Four! The server is still in very early beta stage and will continue being developed as you all play! If you're up for some Pixelmon fun that offers markets, trading, battles, free roam, great staff, great community, and more importantly. The best gaming experience for you? Then this server is for you! How could you not enjoy a game you play to your liking? I hope to see you all in-game!

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