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MCDen - Mature Only - Survival Of The Fittest


Mature Players Only.
Anyone acting immature will be warned followed by necessary actions.
From PermGuest (Visitor Permissions Only) to Jail+Mute to Temp/Permanent Ban.

Welcome To MCDen, Where Anything Is Possible!
Begin your journey by joining us anytime and looking around. If interested in more permissions, try checking out /howmember. A small (4 question) test shows us your ability to be a good and respectful player of the server. Once you have passed the test, choose from a select few rewards as your custom, and only, starter kit.

Economy Management
Earning Money: Join some jobs by visiting /jobs list, many choices, choose up to three to best work with what you do most. More you do that job, the more you get paid from leveling it up!
This is useful for buying, selling and for warping to faraway places that are very far to trek to. We suggest using Warp Signs, as they are much cheaper than using warp commands.
Once you’re settled into a spot you can use Chest Shop to set up a shop of your own, or use one in a town to buy what you need. Remember to lock all your chests with LWC and always keep a chest on you, as when you die it will appear where you died and keep your stuff safe for a limited time.

Challenge Of The Game!
Here comes the fun and the choices that you can make. Should you wing it in the wild and create a secret base for yourself, hidden from the world, where anything you see can be torn down and stolen by you for your own survival purposes, and anyone you see can be killed or can kill you? Always be on your guard and be ready for anything. Our hard mode mobs will surround you at night and before you will know it you’ll be partaking in fights for your life. If you are lucky enough to beat them you may win the interesting items they carry which is from out plugin Mythic Drops. Farming items is discouraged and may result in jail time.

Then there is the option of joining a towny. Usually towns provide a safe haven from the wild which allow you to keep your base safe and secure, yet you can still run out into the wild and fight any time you like beyond your town. You also get to experience friendship that you will have with friends and allies. Remain on guard though; always be wary, anyone can betray you when you least expect it.

SkyLands, as many would recall, is just like the survival worlds, but as floating islands in the sky! Careful not to fall, you might not make it! SkyLands is a linked world to the main OverWorld through a spiraling staircase.
OffWorld is a separate world for any and all donators who has donated at least $5. It's goal is simple. No protections and regenerated after every Major MC Update, either with a new Seed or world generator. OffWorld is linked to the main OffWorld through a portal at the Portal Plot Area.

For more information, news and facts about MCDen check out our site:
Remember voting daily gives you rewards in game

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