This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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KaiCraft - [1.5.2] [HG] [Creative World] [Economy]


Welcome To KaiCraft,
IP : KaiCraft.Us19.Creeperhost.Net
KaiCraft is a 24/7 non-whitelisted, cracked server with friendly staff, always wanting to help you!
Join kaicraft to have amazing fun!

Important Plugins - Authme, Showcase, Essentials, WorldEdit, Citizens, Residence,


  • May Change -

[Guest] - /Spawn
[Player] - /Warp, /Balance, /Tpa
[Member] - No New Commands, But New Exciting Rank
[Member+] - /Me
[Trusted] - /Afk
[Guard] - /Mute, /Kick, /Fly
[Police] - /Jail
[Mod] - /Ban, /Banip, /Tempban, Can Promote To Trusted
[SuperMod] - /Superpickaxe, /Invsee, /Lightning Can Promote To Guard
[Badmin] - /Gm, Can Promote To SuperMod,
[Admin] - Anything And Everythin

You Earn Ranks With Time!
You Can Earn Them By - Donating Or Earning Them -
Dont Ask About Earning It Or Dont Even Speak About It!
Just Wait, Your Time Will Come,
By Playing And Having Fun!

IGM = In Game Money

Donator Ranks :
Donor#4 - $5 - /Fly, /Nick - $5,000 IGM
Donor#3 - $10 - Inherits Donor#4, /God, /Tp - $10,000 IGM
Donor#2 - $15 - Inherits Donor#3, /Feed, /Heal, Set up to 3 homes - $15,000I IGM
Donor#1 - $20 - Inherits Donor#2, /I, /Hat, /Jump, /Ci - $20,000 IGM
Knight - $30 - Inherits Donor#1, /Exp, /Enchant, /Butcher - $30,000 IGM
Elite - $50 - Inherits Knight - /Gamemode, /Killall, Set up to 5 homes - $100,000 IGM
VIP - $60 - Inherits Elite - /Superpickaxe, /Weather - $150,000 IGM
VIP+ - $70 - Inherits VIP - /Time, - Disguise as a Zombie, Pig, Chicken and Wolf - $350,000 IGM
Saint - $80 - Inherits VIP+ - /Speed, /Vanish, Disguise as Villagers and Cows, /Tptoggle - $500,000 IGM

It is against the rules for Donor#1 to give items away to any player, acess any chest, or to give anyone money. If they are caught abusing in any way, their donor rank will be terminated early Without a Refund!

For every dollar you donate, you will get $1,000 in-game cash.

Everything put in a chest while being Donor#1 + will be removed after the rank has expired, Even if it is legit, also your inventory will be cleared after the rank expires.

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