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ElementalCraft! 1.6.4


Hello there Guys and girls

Server IP Address - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:

I have just opened a New Minecraft server(1.6.4) and would Love you to come play onit with us Staff.

We do Need staff, we Won't Pick you Unless you show that you can be a good Staff member, Even as a Player.

We are a VERY simple server, with a Small amount of Plugins, we still have a economy, Admin Shops and Ranks to Buy.

The reason we don't have many Plugins is due to they interrupt Play of the Basic minecraft game, Which some Players Don't want.

We are a Player versus environment server and we also have a strict non-greifing policy.

Server Ranks

Get yourself a fancy rank on our server and stand out from the crowd! You will also receive perks that will make playing on ElematalCraft even more fun! Not to mention you are supporting the server, for which we are very grateful!

Available ranks: [IRON], [Gold] and [Diamond].
You can have perks such as: full set of iron armor/weapons/tools, a nickname, more homes to which you can teleport, Change of Gamemode and LOTS More!

Server Rules
The server rules are to make sure that we all can have as much fun as possible!
Respect all players and staff
No offensive, vulgar or inappropriate language or content
No spamming teleport requests or chat messages
No advertising
No hacked clients, mods, x-rays, exploiting glitches or other ways to cheat
No attempting to lag or crash the server
No asking for items or ranks
All staff decisions are final

Element-MC Links Our Buycraft store for server ranks and Bonus Packages. Join us now on Minecraft by connecting to this IP.

Server Staff
We are still looking for staff to make sure the server runs smoothly at all times. We do not accept applications; we pick people on the server whom we think are active and mature enough and are up to the challenge, Please do not Join Just to ask for staff.

Plugins installed on server

WorldBorder,World Edit, World Guard, Necessary Extras, Buycraft, SimpleAnnouncer, PermissionEx, Tree Assist, ChestShop, Clearlag, GreifPrevention AND LOTS MORE

Server IP Address - Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:

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