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HeroMine Is Back!
HeroMine is a ever so popular server, witch revolves around having a small player base.
Don't you like small server? Everyone is nice? I Do.
Okay, I am not going to lie!
I use to be scared of small servers.
Log in: No one to talk to.
HeroMine has players on for the almost all day.
And, if not type /bot and LOL at cleverbot!
HeroMine one of the most active low population based servers out there.
You WILL make friend, and you will see them everyday.
Didn't get that joke? Don't worry, It's an inside joke with the community, We are LOLing, You would have to join to get it.
Here at HeroMine, we take ANY abuse seriously, doesn't matter if your a mod or donator.
Players can be sure that they will enjoy there time on HeroMine, and if not, then me and the co-owner will try our best to please you.
HeroMine is a gay friendly server, and will take all players with open arms. (or legs) (call me)
Here at HeroMine, Donations are like a pat on the back, a high five, a free hand job. This server does not rely on donations to stay online, I have a job, my wallet opens, if I don't get any donators, I will personally pay for it.
HeroMine has a NEW and unique system, witch no other server has! HeroTags.
"What is a HeroTag?" GLAD YOU ASKED!
When you join a server, you are labled by the server. (player, builder, donator, mod)
HeroMine is all about it community our community shapes our server, and our community has you in it.
HeroTags allow you to have a tag that shows the server who you are, Not what ranking you are.
Players are also backed up with no lag, plugins that don't ruin game play, and we are always open for more plugin ideas.
Anyways I am Adam, Owner, and founder of HeroMine, And I hope to see you in game!

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