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Factions Universe


[b]Factions Universe[/b]

[b]Server Grand Opening on Monday 4pm EST

Welcome to Factions Universe, the new 1.8 Factions Server.
We offer an almost unchanged Mcmmo experience with Xp multiplier Partys on some weekends. We also allow players to withdraw coins with command /tm {number}. This will give a player a Coin worth $1000 which they can throw to their fellow factions Players. Staff will also tell player to warp to /warp party to drop coins and give away money to everyone at the club. Donations Packages are also purchasable, with the highest rank, GOD; getting a special club and drop party.
We offer many fair and cool Donations Packages. To help us get through our first month we will be giving a rank upgrade to the first 5 people who buy a rank.
We have done the hard work for you and made a fully working 1.8 Factions Server. With Mcmmo and many other cool features.

[/b]For the most part we have kept the Factions Plugin same. We also have activated the Faction money and Factions bank. Every week the top Factions on the [i]/f list[/i] will get a reward of $10,000 in their faction bank for the owner to spend as he wishes. To create a faction it will cost the owner $100.

[b]The Club/ Party Club
[/b] There are 2 different clubs currently on the server. The Club is for Gods only as it will give a place for the top donators a place to hang out. Staff may call all gods to The Club where they will drop Gold Nuggets and upon pick up they will give you $1000. Party Club is for all members of the server, there will also be drop parties there by staff members.

We have taken the time to create 4 different minigames for you to play. The first being a parkour "[b]/warp parkour[/b]" there is currently 1 section but more will be added with rewards. The Second game in Last Man Standing "[b]/warp lms[/b]" In this minigame 9 people will enter 9 different capsules, the capsules will then be locked and a button will be clicked. About half the capsules will be filled with lava and the players will die, rhe button will then be pressed until 1 or 2 player remain, the winners will get some rewards.
The next game is Lava King "[b]/warp lk[/b]" Here about 8 player will stand on pedestal and try and hit everyone into the lava with sticks, last man alive wins a reward.The last game is Tower King "/warp tk" about 6 player will start to climb up ladders and pvp there way to the top, the first person to reach the top wins a prize. All minigames except parkour are admin hosted.

[center][b]The Factions Bank[/b]
Think you have what it takes to be the best factions player ever then try to raid an almost unraidable vault right outside the end. First come first server.


[b]Throw Money
[/b]Thanks to an awesome plugin any player can type [i]/tm {amount}.[/i] This command will give you a gold nugget just like in the drop parties for regular player to throw to their friends or to the people at spawn. When you throw the coin anyone who picks it up will get $1000, keep in mind this does come out of your balance.

If you would be so kind as to vote, you will be rewarded. There Daily rewards, lucky rewards, and cumulative rewards.

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