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Thanks for taking your time to look at EnderFactions. We're a Op Faction/PvP Server that is 24/7 with staff usually always on and helping you. We have many plugins in use and more to come. I the owner am always working on my server and finding new things to add and fixing things that aren't correct or in it's right form. I'm looking for dedicated staff members who are mature, active, respectful, and at least at there teen ages(15+). I'm constantly looking for fixes and cool ideas or features to add on to the server.

What Plugins do we have so far?
So far we have many plugins to benefit you or help you in some way. We have lots of great creative type plugins and helpful plugins. So far we've got Plotme, SkyBlock, Factions, ResupplyCrates, chat color, Votifier, and Buycraft. These are not all are plugins but these are the ones you need to know about.

What are we looking for in the direction of staff?
As I've said, I'm looking for dedicated staff members only. I'm looking for staff who know what they're doing and know how to fix things or do things without me having to help them all the time. I'm also looking for builders, youtubers, and all other sorts of interactive staff members to help out in ways.

What's to come?
There's many plugins and features to be added soon. This server is hopefully going to switch to a HUB with many options available. As we have PlotMe, Factions/PvP, and skyblock as of right now. We're hoping to bring more in the future such as, KitPvP, HungerGames, and all sorts of fun PvP type games.

Why should you pick are server over the Thousands of other Faction servers?
You should at least stop by and check out are server and staff. As we're still in development and still growing, we're not that big of a community or server. I know there are many other servers that are much bigger and better than are server, but we're dedicated on trying to grow are server. We take our time and are always doing are best to see what we can do or add to benefit you guys in a way.

Server Info.
This server is ran by McProHosting, with unlimited slots and 4GB of dedicated space/Ram.
The Address's to are server are-
Main Address(withPort)-
The Owner's IGN(In-Game-Name)- DamagedTheGod

Owner- DamagedTheGod

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