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Elitecrafters is a 24/7 dedicated Minecraft server which has been around for over a year, including its predecessor server, Deathcraft. With top notch staff, an enormous community, and endless possibilities of things to do, it is impossible to find a server as good as Elitecrafters. Elitecrafters has became widely known for its genuine economy realism, including unique ranks rather similar to hierarchy pertaining to US government, such as President, Senate, and Officer. Elitecrafters has many other features to offer such as PVP arenas, parkour races, last man standing, and a surplus grief-free survival experience with plots.

Elitecrafters is fueled by a powerful yet efficient economy. Players are able to earn money by completing basic tasks on the server such as selling items at the supermarket, helping out friends, or winning games. With their earned money, players are able to purchase other player items at the shop, purchase plots, or save up and attempt to become the wealthiest player in the Elitecrafter economy.
When playing on various different Minecraft Servers, players meet with constant issue that it is similar to another server, and that the gameplay feels repetitive. Elitecrafters has battled this issue, as its staff team comes with a group of experienced Bukkit users and past-experienced server owners, all of which were very successful and running for a very long period. Some of the coded plugins which Elitecrafters consists of are Factions, McMMO, PlayerHeads, Essentials, and Tree-Assist.

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