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Short Deion:
A small but friendly Minecraft community that includes creative worlds, survival worlds, PvP worlds and a minigames world!
If you don't like the communities of large PvP servers and would rather like to get to know more friends, this is the place for you.

Our server includes the following for you:

  • Grief protection
  • Anti-cheating plugins
  • Minimal lag
  • Multiple Worlds
  • Multiple playstyles and game modes
  • An economy and many shops, including an Admin shop
  • Discord for those who would like to voice chat with others
  • A wonderful Enjin forum -
  • Duel your friends in PvP
  • Minigames world 1.8 PvP in minigames!
  • Blockhunt/Prophunt
  • Two Creative worlds! Plots/Freebuild
  • Great Staff :D

Additional Notes
24/7 open - Best community ever

Occasionally we host a Pixelmon server for the community as well :P

Search Finmine on Youtube,
Or Check out our website!

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