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MagnusCraft Casino



Magnuscraft is a massive Casino server! The object of the server is to gain $1,000,000,000 and become a High Roller, once that is achieved, you are granted access to the free world. In order to become a High Roller, players must gamble with our custom slot machines, blackjack, or the lottery to gain money. Alternatively, players can play various mini-games on the server, such as Mazes, Parkour Courses, and Speedruns!

Please Connect with our Hosted
Please do not connect with our listed ip. Visit the website for more information on this.


The basic rank on the server, everyone starts out as a gambler. As a gambler, it is your job to make as much money as possible by gambling or playing mini-games.

A VIP is someone who has donated money to the server. As a VIP, you gain access to exclusive perks and games!

High Roller-
A High Roller has gained $1,000,000,000 on the server and payed to become a High Roller. As a High Roller you are given access to the FREE WORLD! In addition, you can enter the exclusive High Roller lounge.

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Additional Information

Rent a Hotel Room to live in until you gain High Roller status
Rent a Blackmarket shop to sell items and make a shop

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