This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes. However, this server has been relisted as Ampersand - [24/7] PvE Survival; GriefPrevention, .
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Ampersand - [24/7] Hop on anytime! Survival, Creat


(AKA AmpersandMC or Tim's Server)
Created on March 29th, 2011

Hello, fellow Minecrafters! Here on Ampersand we hope to offer a different kind of server than what you may usually see in the community. Not just through gameplay, but also through our community. Our server is first-and-foremost PvE survival, though we do offer many options beside that. We allow for PvP in the Nether, for example, and we have a Creative world open to everyone. For the most part we stick to base Minecraft mechanics and avoid changing much of what is already in place.

When you first join the server, you will find yourself within an airship. There is an optional starter kit in the chest ahead and information on the server through the doorway. Once you pass through spawn and enter the survival world, you will find yourself in Mt. Aegis, our main city and center of commerce. You have the option of warping away or traversing the city streets and discovering the many secrets of Mt. Aegis.

After joining, rather than going into the first portal you see, head to the central complex of the Islands. From there you can access the Creative world and build to your heart's content. We use PlotMe, all commands may be found in-game by typing /plotme. By default, all players are allowed two plots, but more may be earned through proving your skills or by donating to the server.

Currently we have Paintball and MobArena, but we are actively working on adding more!

Check out our DynMap!:

(Working on the description when I have time...)




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