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Tales Of Dertinia

Tales Of Dertinia


What makes Tales of Dertinia so great you might ask yourself?
Here is a simple answer:

An active and helpful player base that work closely with us Admins to maintain this awesome server.

Events and Mini games like PvP-arena and spleef.

A custom world created with Terrain Control and Fractal Noise.

Custom bukkit plugins written by us, (Bandit, VoiceRegister... and more).

18+ staff.

An open world allowing you to claim and create your own town or empire.

Tales Of Dertinia is a adventure dungeon server which means they're
instanced dungeons that players explore and raid to get loot and unique
trade in items, we also have grief prevention and a clean up crew to avoid grief and clutter (30days offline period)

Dynamic Map:



Visit our website:

Additional Notes

Teamspeak Hosted at same Address

English Primary language in all chat "excludes /msg
Play survival with an active community in a custom, completely new world! We are a great community working to keep this world full of adventure and AWESOME!

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