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What is Craft of War?

We are a Minecraft server with PvP aspects of a lot of video games, PvP, One Piece World , Festival Minigames, etc. Some of our main features include:

Omega Realm is a 1.4.6. server owned by the youtuber CraftofWarGaming a.k.a Malik807. Here at Craft of War we have a large community that loves to welcome in new members. In our server you can do so many things, like start a faction, play TF2, play spleef, play survival games, build in creative, or just play solo in survival!


Our Survival World is a great place to meet new friends, start a faction, or just play by yourself in a nice environment. Raiding is allowed, along with griefing. It is basically survival of the fittest, you must stay strong to stay alive. You can get money and items at our very small shop, it is small to keep the vanilla aspect alive.


Our Creative World is a fun place to show off your building skills! You get unlimited items and the ability to fly (creative mode) and you can just let your mind take you anywhere! Staff go through the plots and leave messages giving feedback on the nice ones! Here there are no monsters or fighting, nice and peaceful.


Here at Craft of War we love our games. You can choose from a selection of Spleef, Deathmatch, Survival Games, Mob Arena (being built), and soon there will be many more! All of the games are automatic so no admin needs to be on to start the games. Here you can play with friends without risk of losing your items in Hardcorel!


In our server, we have an item emerald economy. With Emeralds, you can use them to go through all of the server ranks. You get money buy selling items to our shop, and you can use your money to /rankup and get to the top rank! If you want to breeze by this system faster you could consider donating for cash, or voting on Planet Minecraft!

Since we are basing our theme off of the anime "One Piece", there are treasure chests and other people's bases are scattered around the map. Gear up and get supplies to aid you in combat and survival. Every two weeks the rare "One Piece" treasure is spawned in a dungeon or special area in the Hardcore map. This is a "Balls-Out Revolutionary" Treasure and has the potential to bring you to the top of the server.



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