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Land of Mysteries

In an age where city states are scattered across the land of Hira, death is common among the villagers. The night is filled with screams of horror as loved ones are dragged into the deep dark mineshaft that leads to the Nether. Few have the courage to face the apocalyptic zombie horde and many who've tried have fallen. Entire cities become desolate ghost towns, whereas others fortify their surrounding perimeter for protection.

The festering evil that lies below manifests as greed amongst city leaders. Their lust for wealth spawns a new age in arms. Tension is great between the nations as they fight and pillage resources from surrounding territories. Industrialization and war have created wastelands from once beautiful landscapes.

New technology is not the only means of fighting; ancient knowledge in alchemy and magic continues to be practiced amongst elite sorcerers. Villagers are afraid, because they believe the sorcerers' powers are granted from the ender dragon himself - Zeno.

In the end, one will become the champion that saves the world from destruction, or ultimately becomes the destroyer of all existence.

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