This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Heroic kingdom is a minecraft RPG server inspired by famous RPG games like Runescape and Skyrim.

Mobs are randomized which means every mob has randomized health. While fighting mobs you can find randomly generated weapon chests (with randomly generated weapons), item chests as well as random event location portals wich lead to special event dungeons where players can find special items.
The main world of the server is full of Dungeons, secret areas to explore and hidden treasures. Many modifications that you will not see on any other servers like a skill system (Fighting Skill , Magic Skill, Cooking Skill , Praying Skill), Emerald shops in every town, interactible objects (breakable blocks, cooking GUI, door blocks, cuttable plants), Spell system, Custom sound mechanic , Bank chests, a lockpicking mechanic, custom options menu (without spout), botany system and many other custom plugins as well as a selection of the best plugins out there are installed on the server. To play you need no client mods.

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