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Sidy's Anarchy: Rebourne
Opening Now!

Sidy's Anarchy has been revamped, adding shops, silk spawners, and more to the world of Minecraft Anarchy. No longer sporting the title of semi-vanilla, Sidy's Anarchy promises to bring rich gameplay in a PvP enviroment.


  1. No Hacking / Hacked Clients
  2. No Advertising or Spam
  3. Griefing, raiding, PvP allowed.
  4. Scamming Allowed!
  5. Limit Racism ( abuse may lead to jail time).

World Borders:

The world is limited to help keep lag to a minimum while also increasing

the availability of finding bases to raid. Only those who can hide their bases well will

remain out of sight and safe from other players.

Overworld: 30k blocks
The Nether: 15k blocks
The End: 15k blocks


A player driven economy using a shop and auctions. The shop limits how much
and what can be sold in order to help drive the economy by player interaction.
An auction system designed to allow players to sell their items to the highest bidder.

Silk Spawners:

Travel the world and collect an assortment of mob spawners that can be set up
in grand XP Grinder or sold on the auction block to the highest bidder!

Open Raiding and Griefing:

There is no land or chest protection on Sidy's Anarchy besides a 1-row enderchest
(donor tiers increase enderchest size). This allows for a more open and abundant world
of raiding other players. With the addition of Silk Spawners and grand scheme XP grinders, raiders can

expect to find riches of untold amounts in each base they come across. With a world border, the chance of

stumbling across other players homes and bases becomes a fun filled search to stealing your way to the top!

Head Collectors Welcome:

Slay your enemies and friends alike for a 1% chance of their head to drop. Collect one, collect them all!

Build a shrine to those who have fallen to your sword, revel in the grandness of those who build massive

trophy cases of heads of other players!

Simple Clans:

Join up and begin your clan's destiny to rule the server! Anarchy reigns supreme, but reigns even more

with a clan of your own! KDR leader lists available!

Drop Party Systems:
Drop Parties will be held on Friday or Saturday nights. The items in the drop party will be selected by admins

or filled by those who choose to hack and be banned. (All hackers will be /killed then /banned with all items

on their persons being added to drop party inventory).

More to come:

Arenas and more is planned in the coming weeks! Be sure to play often and check the server
forums for more information concerning updates coming to Sidy's Anarchy!

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