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YourMC (Survival, Optional PvP)


What is YourMC?
YourMC is a survival server that was started back in January 2013, and is currently on it’s 2nd map (which was started in November 2014). The servers difficulty is set to hard, so be careful. PvP is optional. A player may toggle PvP on for themselves with ‘/pvp’, and fight with other players that also have their PvP enabled.

Never Start Your Adventure with a Marathon Run:
You’ve seen this before. You join a new server only to spend the first 30 minutes going through mazes of abandoned builds, without a tree in sight. And by the time you find a place to start your home, you're starving, and you're all alone. (which kind of defeats the purpose of playing on a server)

When you join YourMC for the first time, you’ll be placed in our server spawn. Then when you wish to start playing you go up to the region post and type ‘/home’. You'll be teleported to an area with plenty of trees, ores, and land to start your adventure. Yes, you heard me! Within the first few minutes of joining the server you're actually playing the game! Best part is the fact that you'll be in an area where other new players are starting out to!

Flexible and Easy to Use Land Claiming:
Land protection is a big deal. Without it, you’d live in fear that your house wouldn’t be there the next day. But, if it’s too complicated you may be unable to protect your work.

That’s why we use Grief Prevention! You may of heard of it before; If not, Grief Prevention allows you to use a golden shovel for land claiming/resizing and a stick for checking if the land you're looking at is claimed or not. Land claiming is simple. All you have to do is right click at one corner with your golden shovel and then again at the opposite corner. Creating land claims also requires and uses claim blocks; You start out with 500 and get an extra 200 every hour you play. (For reference: A 10 by 10 land claim uses 100 claim blocks) Allowing other people access to your claim is also easy with the trust commands. (see here) You can even create subdivisions inside your claim with /subdivideClaims for more fine grain control of permissions (i.e. allow another player to only be able to build in a part of your claim)

On top of that, we also use Core Protect for block logging and rollback. So even in the rare case you do get griefed, the damaged areas can always be repaired.

Clean and Readable Chat:
Gone are the days of rainbow colored names and prefixes that take up half of chat. On YourMC our chat system was designed with a clean look and readability in mind. Ever since day one we have been refining and improving the look of our chat and we’re still making improvements to it even to this day. So say goodbye to the rainbow colored text and hello to the readability!

Peace of Mind:
Backups; This is something I’ve seen many servers fail at. On YourMC you can play with the peace of mind that off-site backups are performed every 24 hours! So your work is fully protected in the event of world corruption, human error, or even a catastrophic hardware failure resulting in data loss.

This also comes with our ‘Map Reset Guarantee’--that in the event of a map reset (which happens very rarely) the old map will be put up for download and you can download your own copy of the map for personal use.

Along with all of this, our server is also fully compliant with the updated Minecraft EULA that was put into effect back in August 1st, 2014. This means that we do not sell any gameplay effecting benefits in our ranks. Which results in everyone, whether they bought a rank or not, to all have a fair chance.

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