This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Templar Factions & Raiding Server


PVP: Enabled
Raiding: Allowed
Griefing: Allowed*

*Griefing is allowed, when it is part of raiding.
Random map destructionmaking a mess of the map isnt allowed.


Factions: Factions have the ability to claim land, which is (generally) protected against griefing. The amount of land you can claim is determined by the number of players in your faction. Each player grants an additional '10' power, which allows you to claim land.
When players die in PVP combat, they lose power, which can result in other factions claiming land away from you and raiding it.

HyperConomy: Buy and sell to the server shop. (warp shop)
You must be standing in the shop zone to use the shop commands.

McMMO: Gain skill levels for performing tasks.
Higher skill levels grant additional item drops, faster harvesting, etc.
View your status with mcstats.
View full list of commands with mcmmo help.


PvP is allowed, along with raiding and some forms of griefing.
If we find your use of expletives to be excessive, you may be asked to tone it down.
If a younger player asks you to stop cursing, be respectful.
Were all here to have fun, treat each other (and staff) with respect.
Exploiting a plugin, connecting with a modified game client, utilizing any sort of hacks to gain an advantage, will all result in an immediate (and permanent) ban from the server.
Donors are not exempt from following rules. Break our rules, the consequences will be the same for you, as they would be for anyone else.
General policy on player discipline is to warn (sometimes more than once), kick the offending player, and then temp ban or permanently ban the offending player.

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