This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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AwakeningCraft ~ 1.7.9 ~ Survival/Vanilla Stylised


Welcome to Awakening Craft! Use the IP address you can see above in Minecraft to be one of the first to gain access to the server! The server is not white-listed, so anyone can join - you can even invite a group of friends on and mine and craft together for optimal play experience!

Once connected to Awakening Craft, you will spawn in Frostville. Frostville is a safe and user-friendly village. Mobs and PVP are turned off and it's a great place to relax, refill yourself on hunger or even explore the many deep and dark secrets Frostville has to offer! In Frostville, you will be very restricted, not being able to fight, build or mine. When you feel you are ready enough to leave, just take a boat from a pier and start your own adventure in The Great Outdoors!

Once away from Frostville, you are in The Great Outdoors! An area full of the undead, betrayal and death. This is where you are free to do whatever you want- in the style of Vanilla Minecraft! Make your own homestead, or build a village. Make a small group of friends, or start a blood-shed war. Choose your friends wisely, as PVP & Chest Looting is enabled in The Great Outdoors. Team up with friends or use deceit to the best of your advantage.

There are three main ranks in Awakening Craft. Denizen, Citizen & Settlers.
Denizens are new people to the server. They are very restricted, command-wise but still have the capabilities of playing the main game. They can perform /help and /spawn commands
Citizens are returning players. They are less restricted and given a bit more freedom within the world. They can perform /help, /spawn, /sethome and /home commands. To become a Citizen, you should play Awakening Craft for one day.
Settlers are people who donated money to the server to help keep it running. They are allowed to use all of the facilities in Frostville. They can perform /help, /spawn, /sethome and /home commands. Settlers get a free house in Frostville, as well as a whole host of extra goodies! To become a Settler, you should donate to the server.
What else is there?

Awakening Craft is focused mainly on three different aspects of Minecraft. The server aims to:
Keep the vanilla playstyle intact, whilst using a small amount of Bukkit
Plugins to keep the game fair.
Bring together a thriving community
Write an extensive lore story

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