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DreamCraft - Where Adventuring Meets Engineering

East Warp
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DreamCraft Penitentiary

We Are Not Your Typical Server ... Tekkit, Adventuring, Towny with some customizations ...

While we are Tekkit-Based, this is a GREAT SERVER FOR FIRST TIME TEKKIT PLAYERS ... Most Destructive items are limited to only the Resource World. For a Full Listing and description - Please See: ... and go to Banned/Restricted Items Tab.

We have Towny as our main protections plugin with all Tekkit items added so your towns truly are safe ... But have no fear, PvP enabled throughout the server outside of towns still lends itself to PLENTY of PvP fun!

Things aren't always as they seem ... Yep, there are lasers but they may take slightly more power to function. Or, yes, we have Rail Guns, but amped up FlintLock Pistols with FASTER reloading time might beat them ... SURE, you can't use Processed Uranium or Yellow Cake to kill or maim a player but you can still move it about to get appropriate power ... This Keeps Things Interesting!

We reset the Nether and End periodically and reset the Resource World almost monthly ... With NO PROTECTIONS in the Resource World and limited lasers, you have to maintain a level of Minecraft creativity in DreamCraft!

Our Plugins are EXTREMELY varied in use however, we feel add a certain level of "adventure" to the server:
•ChestShop - encouraging shops even in a Tekkit Server

•ChestShop Notifier - to record your transactions even while away from the game

•Lift - an easy way to transport in small spaces for those "smaller" bases

•MCJobs - that have been customized for tekkit blocks ... you need to get them the old-fashioned way, but there is money in game!

•PlayerHeads - a chance to BEHEAD players in PvP plus take 25% of their CASH!

•Lottery - Keeps Players Betting hourly ...

•Towny - A FANTASTIC protection plugin that has been configured to include MOST Tekkit aspects of the game

•Brewery - a fun plugin that enables brewing in game to create many different DRINKS with assorted "potion" effects for various lengths of time ... Default Brews are all active and currently there are 8 Custom Brews as well (adding to brews regularly)

•MSP RANDOM GO - Want to see another spot in the overworld on the server? SIMPLE ... Type: /msp random go

•BankCraft - Tired of a server where one or two rich players run the entire show? We capped Players' pockets, town banks and nations so no matter how long you play, you will have to continue looking at money as part of the game ... Afraid of losing all your cash to PvP? We enabled BankCraft for all players to put away a few extra dollars and experience SAFELY!

•OmNom - 16 additional foods utilizing Vanilla Blocks.

•TreasureHunt - Just need something to do? There are often Treasure Hunts in the Resource World and OverWorlds ... Chests are customized with Vanilla and Tekkit Prizes and of course - COLD-HARD-CASH ... use /Hunt to find out how close you are to the riches!

  • Tired of Servers Where once there are builds there is no danger? PvP is enabled in EVERY world on DreamCraft, however may be TURNED OFF in towns *

Adventure Feel you ask? Yep, Cave and Kall have several interactive WARPS ... Use /warp warps to see them all ... plus additional builds throughout the server! You can open chests, find hidden items and interact some with the map. If you come across some oddly placed cobwebs, vines or lily pads, you may want to look closer ... The OverWorld has manmade treasure in addition to the TreasurePlugin. There are always secrets to discover .... ENJOY type /hunt and start searching for rewards!

Recipes to Custom Brews are HIDDEN throughout the server as well, current brews include: Kall's Wine, Sneaking Creeper, Tri's Strength, Jack's Revenge, Wine of Ender, EnderDragon Bitter, OctoberFest, WinterFest and Ta Kill Ya'! Can you find the recipes and brew them all?!?!

A SPACE PROGRAM? Yes there are DreamCrafters in Space Stations, on Mars and on the Moon .... They can't use compressors to CHEAT on duping so check out our AdminShop to utilize the Trade System!

While the MOD MYSTCRAFT is banned ... we do utilize it for our Resource World ... Keeps the RESOURCE WORLD with a TWIST at every reset .... Items not able to be obtained in the RESOURCE WORLD may still be traded for in the AdminShops. However, players have very creative shops within the server as well! You say you have a backpack filled with pesky useless MYST PAGES?!? Well trade them at a TRADING STATION for things like nuggets or décor items!

Do you love to build BEAUTIFUL builds without fear of annihilation or town destruction? Towny is set to protect MOST Tekkit Blocks and we have NO BUILDS in the overworld wild! Yep, to ravage landscape for materials, one must go to the Resource World. Don't worry, you start the game with enough money to start a town immediately, and we start you with a book to explain basic towny perms!

So you were wandering through the overworld and found a cool abandoned building?!? Sure, go ahead and claim it .... incorporate the pre-builds in your town!

Our friendly community is made up of a great group of individuals willing to help you along the way ... We also offer "DreamSpeak" for the TS Players who enjoy chatting during GamePlay! But remember, if you invite someone to you and something happens, PvP IS ENABLED ...

A lot of time, effort and thought went into the creation of DreamCraft! While we know we are not for EVERYONE, we certainly feel we have SOMETHING unique to offer to ANY PLAYER willing to give us a try!

To our already loyal players ... THANK YOU! To those who have yet to truly settle into the server .... COME TRY DREAMCRAFT!

Kall & Cave

View Our Short Promo Video at:

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