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Lands of Diacarth


Diacurth, A world once known for its Gods stood in ruin.

The races of Diacurth long since had forgotten their gods, and the power they could grant. War, Famine and Disease ran through the races, killing nearly all in the Cataclysms’ wake. The Gods, looking down upon their creations mourned.

It was then the gods decided to grant the mortal races a chance to redeem themselves, taking those who still believed they reformed the world for their children.

The new world, Diacurth is a vast garden of life. Upon it the Gods placed five castles to allow the races of the world to make a new start for themselves. Now, it is up to you young mortal to rebuilt this world to its former glory. Be warned do not forget whom granted you your second chance.

(We include Races, Classes, Magics, upgradable castles, and viullages, guards and MORE! We are a beta server, so their will be frequent updates and players input MATTERS! We are a true Rp server, no asking if you can ro or not, you should allmost always be In-Character unless using the help channel.. We are whitelisted. If your interested in join us and taking on a new life, check out our website!)
[If your having problems, you can contact me via Skype, name is Flamez3303]

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