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RaidHeaven {1.7.9} [Factions] [Mcmmo] [Raiding] [R


-=About Us=-
Hello, and Welcome to RaidHeaven, a place where War, Hatred, Riches, and Raids, are a part of your Everyday life, or death. Will you take the path of a leader, or be loyal to a cause? Will you Choose thievery, Murder and Pillaging to Make your way in Wrath? Or be an Honorable Warrior, Protecting the good and fending off Evil, Taking only what you need to survive? If you enjoy Training your skills, Fighting off enemies, Or attemping to rule the World... RaidHeaven is the place for you.



  • No Whitelist.
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • DDos Protected
  • 32GB Ram Server Making sure there's 0 lag
  • Friendly Staff


[1] Always be respectful. [2] No hacked clients.[3] Use common sense.[4] No advertising.[5] No duplicating items.[6] No DDOSing or DOXing our players.[7] No begging for ranks or items.[8] No PVPlogging.[9] No CaPs LoCk.[10] No ban evasion.

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