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Welcome to the Apocalypse-Minecraft
Bukkit version: 1.5
Slots:40 free
No Lag 24/7

Server Site:

Server Story.

The day has come when the planet will become onli a dust and a history of human kind. But some of them protected them self at Vault. You start your new journey at a survival shelter designed to protect up to 40 humans from the APOCALYPSE. Nobodey left it about 100 years, until one day the humans were diseased to stay more at Vault and starded to excape.

What can i do at server:
Buy,Sell,Craft,JoinMobArena or PaintBall,Kill Bosses,RolePlay,Get Guns,LevelUp,Get Pets,Mine,DoJobs,PvP,PvE,Kill,ZombieApoc­alypse,RankUp,
Wisite New World,Survive,Jail Your Self,Build,BuyHome,Make Factions,Hunger,
Claim The Bigest Tower,Abilitys,Join Events,And 100 more funs Is waiting for you,...

Server Plugins: AntiFire, ArmorAbilities, AutoMessage, Buycraft, BuyRegion, Citizens, DeathTpPlus, DisguiseCraft, EpicBossRecoded, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsGroupManager, EssentialsSpawn, Factions, iConomy, Jail, Jobs, Lift, Lockette, LoginSecurity, mcMMO, MobArena, MobDisguise, MyPet, paintball, ProtectionStones, pvpgun, SC_Blackjack, SC_Slots, SignBank, SignColors, Vault, Votifier,...

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