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AdventureCraft Bending

AdventureCraft Bending



Upon creating Adventure-craft the main goal was to create a large player base on a server where a player can join and instantly be thrown into a world where players can bend and control the elements. So, we took it upon ourselves to implement this goal into making the perfect minecraft server. Join now and witness why we are soon to be the number #1 Minecraft Bending PvP server!

Server Rules:

( For an easier to read list of rules, go to: )

  • Do not use hacked or modified clients.
  • Do not advertise or recommend other servers.
  • If you are banned or muted, you may apply for an appeal on the forums.
  • Respect all players on the server. Disrespect will not be tolerated.
  • No homophobia or racism.
  • Don't complain if you get killed. It's a pvp server.
  • The arenas are free-for-all. Dont complain about being teamed against or targeted.
  • Do not ask staff members to give you things. (items, ranks, etc.)
  • Do not ask for a staff rank. You may apply on the forums.
  • Do not spam the chat, personal messages, or teleport requests.
  • No using nicknames to impersonate staff or other players.
  • Do not PvP log (safezoning, teleporting away, etc.)
  • Don't collapse structures in the bending arena.
  • Do not bloodbend players into lava.
  • Do not constantly use the same moves again and again.

    Server Ranks:

  • [Citizen]: New player. Has all the basic commands.
  • [Hero]: Donor rank (/Buy).
  • [Elite]: Donor rank (/Buy).
  • [Pro]: Donor rank (/Buy).
  • [Champion]: Donor rank (/Buy).
  • [Legend]: Donor rank (/Buy).
  • [Avatar]: Donor rank (/Buy).
  • [Helper]: Helps maintian the server.
  • [Admin]: Helps maintain the server.
  • [Co-Owner]: Helped make the server. Has all the commands of the Owner.
  • [Owner]: Made the server. Built the server. Runs the server.

Additional Information:

  • Top of the "Notch" Bending (Hardy Har Har)
  • No Lag. (unless its on your end)
  • Always online, 24/7
  • Great, hardworking staff
  • Economy
  • Customized Factions Plugin
  • Random Server Events
  • Shops to fit your needs
  • Anti Combat Log to make PvP smoother
  • And much, much more!

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