This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Hello this is Awesomecraft Skyblock, we offer 24/7 50 slots and skyblock! Spawn is currently temporary and will be getting an upgrade soon, but for now it will do the trick; here is the commands for skyblock

/island Start a new skyblock island, or return to an existing one.
/island restart Restart your skyblock island (will remove all progress)
/island sethome usb.island.sethome Set the point where you teleport to when using /island (note: can only be used close to your island)
/island info View information about yours or another persons island
/island top View the top ten list.
/island invite Invite a player to join your island.
/island kick Remove a player from your island.
/island makeleader Make the new owner of your island
/island accept Accept an invitation to join an island.
/island reject Decline an invitation to join an island.
/island leave Leave your current island. Note: If you are the party leader, you will keep the island and remove all other players.
/island party Display information about your island's leader and members
/island checkparty Get information about 's island group
/island partylist See a list of all island groups
/island listinvites See a list of pending invites
/island purgeinvites Delete the list of pending invites
/island partyclean Attempt to fix broken island groups (player's unable to leave/join islands)
/challenges View the list of available challenges.

please note not all commands are usable by the default player.

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