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Cosmic Darkness

Server Spawn

Server Spawn

Cosmic Darkness is a server based on our custom pack Cosmic Darkness, it is a towny server with a goal focusing on Space and unlike a lot of servers with Galacticraft, Space is unlocked to all users from day one meaning you can travel the solar system (yes the entire solar system thanks to extra planets!)

Like almost everything in Minecraft, you start out in the overworld, knocking down a few trees and getting some wood to make your first tools. But you get to your first night and after you kill the approaching hoards you look up to the moon, thinking to yourself, 'I wish I could get there', so you grab yourself Galacticraft and wish if only you could go to other places like, Venus, Mercury, and out to the far reaches of our Solar System to Pluto. This pack will help you fulfil that goal, the purpose of this pack is to explore and progress, with over 30 celestial bodies to explore, you can finally fill that craving to somehow land on a Gas Giant. Of course there's plenty of tech mods to help you along the way including the Sync mod to help you travel back home quickly and also mods like Immersive Engineering and Mekanism to help you become an automation master. Your journey is yours and yours alone. Good Luck!

How To Install Cosmic Darkness:

To find it on curse, simply browse all modpacks and search for Cosmic Darkness - the author is listed as Viroplex. (which is my Curse username)

To get it on Technic, paste this share link in the Technic Launcher search:

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