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Somnus Realms - Towns, Skills, and Magic!


Somnus Realms is a unique server offering both survival and creative. The server was set up to try and create a friendly environment in which to play Minecraft at its purest. The main world is non-PVP and 100% survival with no spawned in items. A range of unique features add to the survival.

Server Shop + Magic Spells

Our server has a custom shop that you can access as soon as you join by using a special book item you spawn with. Opening your book, you can sell or buy items, including magic spell books!

Spell books give you powers that you would usually never find on a survival server - at the cost of experience levels. Things like changing the weather/time, conjuring mobs, flying temporarily, healing yourself and others, throwing fireballs and so much more are possible!

The server's currency is emeralds, and if you prefer mining them to selling your items, there's a resource world devoted to mining. It regenerates regularly to make sure it's filled with ores!

Unique Map

The current survival map was created with a special seed that contains every single Minecraft biome within 2,000 blocks of spawn! You can go ahead and check out how it looks at

Skills and Towns

mcMMO is used to provide skills, while Towny is used to create towns. Or instead you can join one of our many existing towns. We also have anti-grief tools, meaning any griefing can easily be fixed.


1) No griefing
2) No hacking
3) No spam/advertising
4) Be nice!

Join us today at!

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