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Mincerafter Ultimate

Ultimate is a survival adventure server hosted by Mincerafter providing players with a unique experience like no other to meet new people while also playing with friends

Ultimate is the new powerful survival adventure server hosted by Mincerafter gaming, providing players new and old with a unique gaming experience where they can play with friends while also meeting new people. We have a wide selection of worlds including Survival and Hardcore, while also incorporating 'Survival Games'. The game is hosted on a powerful Sixteen-core dedicated server with over 32GBs of RAM, which means NO LAG!. If you are looking for a safe and exciting server which incorporates a full economy, anti-cheat grief capabilities and friendly staff, this is the perfect server for you!.

What we offer.

A full working digital economy within the server, enabling you to buy and sell items to the global shops while also trading with other players, we are soon to install an Auctioning system and a Daily lottery where players can win big money for their in-game projects.

An advance anti-cheat and anti-grief system to enable you to ensure all your projects and items are safe while venture out into the world exploring the depths of the cave systems.

MCMMO another advance system to enable you to level your skills, this enables you to become more experienced in an aspect of the game, such as mining or archery.

Vote for the server using the links on our website ( to gain bonus rewards and currency in-game, while also gaining custom donor perks and benefits if you decided to donate to us.

Now immerse yourself in this amazing experience and join us in game and support us in our adventure!

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