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SuumCraft {Dynamic Economy} {Machines} {BedWars} {SkyWars} {600+ Quests} {McMMO} {1.18} 
No Mods - Only Texture Pack for Machines. Coming soon {KitPvP} {More PvE}


Get Whitelisted by posting your exact Minecraft username to this thread or by joining our Discord.


SuumCraft is looking for community members who would like to contribute to building something great, a unique Minecraft network open to players all over the world.

Welcome to SuumCraft! We welcome all types of players from around the world to join us on our journey in creating a unique network of servers. Mine and gather resources from the Open World, claim and expand in the Suumiverse. Use machines to increase yields but be careful, SuumCraft has a dynamic economy in which prices adjust depending on buy/sell pressure.

Some plugins and features used by SuumCraft..

  • Nova Machines
  • Claim
  • Creative
  • 600+ Quest
  • Player Chest Shops
  • Dynamic Economy
  • Citizen NPCs
  • SkyWars
  • BedWars
    Coming Soon, KitPvP, NFT land claiming, NFT Items

SuumCraft is a land claim, economy based network with free to play games such as SkyWars, Bedwars and soon KitPvP. You must be on our whitelist to join the server, so please join our discord or reply to this thread with your username.

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