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Have you ever joined a server, and just thought rules were weighing you down. You couldn't do anything as a moderator would just harass you? Well if thats the case, then PvP Faction is for you - we have limited rules, in fact, most rules are common sense.

The PvP Faction is a Minecraft server which allows users to fight alone, or team up, it allows the players to survive in the vast lands.

Mine the rarest minerals, build the base of your desire, fight for your dominance!

Now we have limited rules, these must be followed if not then action will be taken -
No Spawn Killing/Blowing up spawn
Griefing is ALLOWED (protect your house)
No asking for items from staff.
The odd frustrated swear word is allowed.
No constant verbal harassment of other players.
No cheats/hacks/exploits
No advertising
Admins have final say.
As griefing is allowed we advise you to protect your home. Remember this is a Faction server and your home will be raided.

Active Plugins:
-No Cheat
-Craftbook (Bridges, Elevators, and Lights)
-And More...
Economy coming soon

So come play on this server and help it grow. Race against others to be the most powerful faction of all, by battling each other for land and power.
Server is located in Chicago
Feedback is appreciated!
Thanks for reading! See you soon!

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