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ASS Freebuild - Plots - Factions - Votifier - Worl


Welcome to ASS Freebuild! A server dedicated to building epic stuff and caring about our community! We've been seen on the page The Minecraft Portal on Facebook and had shoutouts from the Yogscast! Here's some info about our server;

We have integrated a huge update, implementing plots into the server! The plots are 50x50 and, as you progress through the ranks, your plot limit increases!

Our staff can cater any question you could possibly desire! Found a grief? Alert an admin! No admins online? Search for a Mod! We have 4 worlds on offer for you to roam;

Plot World
Old Flatlands
New Flatlands
Member World (Regular Biome World)

We now have a variety of Mob Arenas! They're all custom made by our players and are very well designed!

We also have the plugin Buycraft which means that you can donate to the server and immediately receive a reward! You can protect your builds with the Factions plugin. This also means you can build with other people, too! You can invite them to your faction and you can build anything you like!

Lag rarely occurs on the server, when there is some lag, it's usually just from a server reload or someone working on their epic creation with WorldEdit. The server is up 24 hours a day so you can play for as long as you want! (In the unlikely event of a crash, alert a member of staff!)

Our server also features some EPIC builders and creations. You can see these at

IP Address

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51 Slots
24/7 Uptime (With few restarts)
4 Maps
Lagg Free
2GB of RAM
Support system (Donation)

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