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Welcome to Pexy Prison!

The prison ranks range from A to Z and then Free (A is the starting rank)
B (second rank in the ladder) costs £40,000 to acquire which is about 10 minutes of mining and smelting! The first rank "A" has no pvp zones, to make it easy for new members. C on the other hand has!
If you are willing to pvp, you can warp to pvp by executing the command /warp pvp or /warp fps
fps is a pvp warp with no lag for players with not so good computers.

We have a wide range of plugins that benefit you in your play!
Some plugins:

  • Plots
  • Chest Shops
  • Virtual Chests
  • Auction
  • Trophy Heads
  • Scoreboard
  • Guards
  • Tokens
  • Drugs
  • PaidNicks
  • BossBar
  • GemsToBlocks
  • GiveAll
    and more!

We have multiple donator ranks. You can view the donation page at

VIP: ($10)
Donor: ($20)
Dealer: ($30)
Maniac: ($50)
Mafia: ($80)
Convict: ($130)
Keeper: ($200)
Humane: ($250)
Mutant: ($350)
Hybrid: ($500)

We also have items, perks and kits for sale! (HUGE SALE NOW ON! %90 OFF ALL ITEMS IN THE DONATION STORE!)

Current list of staff:




Trial Staff:

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