This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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?Factions (Create a Team and dominate the Server!)

?Player/Adminshop (Sell your Items there or make your own Shop!

?ObsidianDestroyer (Obsidian is destroyed after 3 hits with TNT!)

?CombatLog (No more CombatLoggers)

?PlayerHeads (Get the heads of your enemys and use them as trophys!)

?WorldBorder: 10000x10000

?Races&Classes (Makes the Server a lot more Fun. (Magic, Skills&More))

?Guidebooks! (With all Information about the Server you need and more /wbr get [Bookname]


  • Explosion damage regenerates after 5 minutes (block for block)

  • New Item: TNT-Sword (cooldown 100) -> Shoots a small TNT to break into doors.

  • Chests are not protected

  • Your base can't be raided when you are offline!

  • FactionChat is back /fc to toggle between Chat modus.

  • FactionMobs: Use /fm spawn Archer, Swordsman, Mage to spawn Monsters who protect your base!

Other Features

  • 3 Races, 7 Classes

  • PortableHorse (remove the saddle from your horse to store it in inventory)

  • SalvageSmelter (Tired of all these armours and tools from raiding? Put it in the furnace to get some Ingots back)

  • HealthBar (See the Health of Animals, Players and Monsters)

  • Teamspeak: Server IP

  • Trustworthy&Dedicated Staff (No young people in Staff!)

Spawn Features

  • Jump and Run (Daily Reward)

  • Signs at the Spawn that explain (Factions/Races&Classes Commands)

  • Adminshop (Not much Items since we want players to create their own Shops

  • Playershops (You can buy one for ingame Money and sell your items there)

  • No Damage can be received inside spawn, so you won't die from Jump and Run!


New People will spawn there to choose their Race and Class.
You need to click the [Sign] and at the end of it you will be changed to Group Member
and teleported to spawn!


  1. Griefing, Raiding, PvP, TNT = allowed
  2. Don't insult people
  3. Don't racism
  4. Use common sense
  5. Don't advertise for other server
  6. Don't cheat/hack/xray/Nodus etc.
  7. Report bugs, don't abuse them!
  8. Your base needs to be sightable (Hole in Floor, Castle etc.)

Thanks for Reading!

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