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Techro-ALO alfheim online MMORPG survival server


Techrocraft-ALO is an Alfheim Online roleplay Minecraft server based off the second arc of the anime Sword Art Online, it is complete with the all the races, magic, dungeons, raids, and items all around. In this server once you join, you will be presented by 9 fairy races of which you get to choose from; once you choose one, your adventure will begin. You will be warped to your races spawn and presented 5 spells that are associated with their race (Please note that these are not the only 5 spells you can learn, there are tons of spells for you to adventure and learn). This server takes the more MMORPG field of alfheim online; meaning that, everyone starts out at the same power and you need to level your skills and power to become stronger to finish your end goal of the world tree. This server will be majorly roleplay, so it would be prefered if you chose a race you liked and related to, not one you saw in the anime and liked. There will be things likes race wars, but it will be up to the race leader of what to happen; after you join, this server will give you the complete MMORPG feel.

There are dungeons, and raids all around the world, but warps will not be open to them until they are found; once they are discovered a warp crystal will be uncovered in the shop in your races spawn.

This server is fun to play, and would love all to join, diversity in a MMORPG is greatly wonderful. If you would like to join, please visit the website or, if you don't want to do that, here is the IP: . The servers website has a forum side in case you need any help, or ask around in the game, I can't stress enough that this server is a MMORPG feel, with lots of roleplay look.

I can not wait to see you in there, and good luck to you all that log into the world of Techrocraft-ALO!

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