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Welcome to Simplus!

We are a brand new survival pvp server with few rules and lots of plugins! We have 4Gb of ram, 15+ biome warps, 2 pvp arenas, and more! Griefing, raiding, and pvping is allowed and there are plugins to ensure fair game play.

Full feature list:

*Economy: Fully functioning economy with 2 types of currency, and in-game store, an online item store, auctions, player trading, mob money, and voting rewards!

*Warps: We have over 15+ biome warps to choose from straight from spawn to deter spawn campers and have a wide variety of biomes to choose from. We also have 3 pvp warps to go to if you are looking to fight within a controlled environment.

Kits: We have 3 kits for the regular users to use that include one every 2 days, 5 days, and 7 days. We then have 3 extra kits for premium users.
Voting: Every time you vote on our website you get 3 credit points to spend on our custom online item store and 15 coins to spend in our in-game item store.

*Protection: There is no chest or block protection for regular users so you can raid as you please. Also with a 7000x7000 block world border there is plenty of space to construct your base.

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