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MineDelux need Admins!


In our Creative World, player can select a plot and build a large building there.
Players in the Creative World are in Creativ Gamemode. You can really be sure that you can build everything you want. with the exception: No offensive building, no dirt houses and no 1x1 towers! If you violate these rules, you will be banned.

In our Factions World, players can create a faction and form a team with friends. Players spawn in a big Castle in a normal Minecraftworld. In this Castle you can buy items, weapons and armor in the Shop which is in the basement. Players can build a few blocks away from spawn. There you can build a base or play normal like in freebuild world.

In our Kit-PvP world Players spawn in in a small glass dome where they can select their kit.
There are many different kits. There are 4 kits which are donated. But the most weren't.
We have a large pvp map with jump'n runs, buildings, biomes and else. The 4 Biomes are: Jungle Biom, Snow Biom, Forest Biom with skyislands and desert biom.

our self-created game mode SCP is the highlight on our server. In the Gamemode SCP you can pick a class and play with other players or friends against the SCP. When 5 plaers are in the Lobby, the Game will start in 60 Secounds. The First kits you can select are: D-CLASS and MTF. The Donated kits are: Sniper, A-CLASS, Demoman and some else. You can unlock them. The SCP is selected randomly.

We hope you will visit our Server soon! We have a big, large spawn and our Serverteam is very helpful and attentive. If you find a bug in our new Gamemode SCP, please contact the Server-Team. If you like our Server, please vote for it, you can get Item prices on our Server then. If you need help, please ask the Team. If you want to donate, visit our Website.

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