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RedemptionCraft is a small community of 300+ members. We'd love to welcome you to our community, so please check us out today!

I. Server Info
II. Rules
III. Plugins
IV. Community

I. Server Info

RedemptionCraft is a community of 300+ members who play a variety of PC games, including Minecraft. We started out as a group of five guys and have grown to a community of over 300 members.

II. Rules



Abuse of chat / serverwide related functions.

Penalty - I. Muted for 10 minutes
II. Muted for 30 minutes
III. 72 hour temporary ban



Breaking/killing/removing a player's home/animals.

Penalty - I. Warning
II. Warning, 24 hour tempban
III. Warning, 7 day tempban



Use of illegal mods / clients that provide unfair advantages over other players.

Penalty - I. 3 Warnings, 7 day tempban
II. Permanent ban

III. Plugins

We use a variety of plugins. We add in new features constantly, but the permanent plugins are listed below.

  • Essentials
  • Factions
  • McMMO
  • ChestShop
  • Antigrief
  • Antihack
  • More to come!

Check out our website at rm gaming net if you are interested in joining the community. We have members from over 31 countries worldwide and welcome any players interested in a survival PvP experience.

Join RedemptionCraft today at!

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