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NorassisMC is a "Hub-styled" server that accepts all types of Minecrafters. There is a Faction PvP world for the PvPers, Non-PvP Survival world for those Survivalists, and a Creative Plot world for the Builders. To be sure all players will enjoy our server, we have extra various worlds like Skyblock, Parkour, and even Minigames. The server is non-whitelist, and does not require a donation to play all the worlds. Play away!

Our Host:
We use the ultimate Minecraft host: . We are running a dedicated server with 10 Gigabytes of RAM, unlimited Solid-State Drives, and an unlimited Bandwidth to maximize your crystal clear connection. We also have a powerful DDoS Protection with a 99.9% uptime, so don't even try to DDoS us ;)

We have customized all or our plugins to fit our own community. We have a clean, nice looking chat and fully customized permissions to bring you a better system then most servers. We also offer custom colors, helpful reminders and announcements, and a system that does not require us to restart the server. A server restart is rarely needed only for very important changes and updates on our plugins.

Our host and website/forums is anything but cheap. We accept all donations and in return it will earn you a very wide variety of in-game (Plus Forum titles) titles and items. You can donate with your Pay-Pal in game by typing /donate and/or going to our website:


jamalzaher1221 (Jamal) - Owner

gooberdaddy (Goober) - Owner

TrueZekrom (True) - Co-Owner

seva - Co-Owner

madness263 (Madness) - Manager

mada_man (Adam) - Head-Admin

Have a suggestion for our server? Post them in the comments or on our forums! It would mean everything to us here at NorassisMC if you would share this server, like, comment, and diamond to expand our community.

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