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Lostcraft PVP


Love PVP then SMP? Try out our PVP server! IP:
Love PVP then SMP? Try out our PVP server! IP:
Love PVP then SMP? Try out our PVP server! IP:
Love PVP then SMP? Try out our PVP server! IP:

As one of the longest living and largest multiplayer Minecraft servers on the web we not only strive to be the best but also provide the best experience possible for our users. With our dedicate staff and stable server we work every day to provide our members a fun relaxing place to play minecraft after a hard day at work or school. Constantly expanding every day our community thrives with dedicated members always looking for more to share their creations with. Not only is our server running some of the best plugin the coding community has to offer we also work everyday to expand with our own custom plugins. What are you waiting for? Visit our site at [url][/url] or dive right in at
Key Features:

Dedicated Staff:
Our server is filled with many dedicated staff, online every day making our members experience easier and more enjoyable. Our staff members are not just any user who applys. We hand pick and test each and every staff member before setting them loose to support our community.

Dedicated Server:
Here at lostcraft we don't trust our server to any old hosting company. We chose the best most reliable company to host our server. With dual SSD’s and 16GB of ram our server is an unstoppable force. Zero down time means unlimited play time for our members!

We support the bukkit community every way we can. Anywhere from donating to the bukkit community to providing support to other users, we try to do everything we can. Our servers run bukkit every day of the week. We wanna make sure they are running on a stable core with amazing plugins.

No server is complete without a mass of plugins behind it. Lostcraft runs some of the top plugins the Bukkit community has to offer. Plugins like Essentials, iConomy, Residence, Chestshop, and LWC offer our users and staff a great set of tools for mold their experience on our server to what they wish.

Everyone loves to play Minecraft in their own little way. Offering multiple worlds is a great way to cater to all play styles. With a dedicated SMP, PVP, Freebuild, Hardcore, and Event world we allow our player to choose any style they wish.

Donation Rewards:
No Minecraft server can run without funds. Our server is 100% supported by our community through donations. When players donate to lostcraft we like to send them a special thank you via some fun perks in game.

As you know the best way to find a solid minecraft server is by checking the top vote picks. If a server is at the top of the voting list it means their members truly love their server enough to vote for it. When players vote for our server it helps so much we can't just send them off empty handed so we like to give them a little something extra.

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