This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Beyond The Corral


This is a survival server.

-[Towny] is how you can protect what you build from other players and the environment. You have complete control of PVP, Mob Spawns, Explosions, and fire in your town. Revert, warzones, and taxes have been completely removed. Your build will not expire and your builds will not be rolled-back just because you didn't play for a month or two.
To learn more about Towny visit:

-[mcMMO] Depending on how much a certain tool is used or a certain action is performed, players will gain experience that will eventually add bonuses such as double drops, rare drops, or ability enhancement.
For more information about mcMMO visit:

You will be able to set the time to 'Day' and the weather to 'Sunny' for those who hate the dangers of the night and the lag of the rain. Too, you have a generous set of commands including:
/sethome – Sets your home to your current position.
/home – Teleports you home.
/back – Returns player to their last position from a prior teleport. Also allows Builders to return to their death spot.
/afk – Toggle an alert for other users that you are away from your keyboard.
/hat - Get some cool new headgear.
/ignore - For when you want to ignore another players chat and not see it anymore.
/tptoggle - For when you want to ignore teleport requests.
/nick - Gives yourself a nickname which will display instead of your Minecraft username.
/kits - Access to item kits such as fireworks and basic tools.
/tpa – request to teleport to someone.
/tpahere - request to teleport someone to you.
/warp - List and use defined warps for quick travel to popular destinations.

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