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Fox Haven


Server Rules
We don't have many rules, as most griefing is regulated by plugins, but we do have some rules set in place to ensure we have a friendly community.

  1. If a staff member tells you to do/not do something, its expected that you listen.

  2. Disrespect of any kind, against any player, for any reason, is disallowed. This is heavily enforced. You aren't asked to agree, or even like everyone. Just don't disrespect them.

  3. Scamming will not be tolerated. This is defined as promising something in return for something (Whether this is an item, service, or otherwise.) and not providing said payment.

  4. If you threaten to DDoS, hack, or use hacks on the server, you will be permanently banned, and this will never be lifted.

  5. Use common sense. Don't grief, spam, use racial or derogatory slurs, or anything else like that. These are things I shouldn't have to state.

  6. Do not beg for staff, or even ask for it for that matter. If we want you as a staff member, we will tell you.

Otherwise have fun!

We run Diablo Drops! Abandoned ruins dot the map, filled with heavily enchanted loot just waiting to be discovered!

We proudly stick by a zero donation rule. We don't offer donation rewards of any kind. All ranks are either earned by time, application, or in-game work.

We use Grief Prevention, a usually easy to understand plugin. If our in game guides aren't helping you, check out their DevBukkit page.

When building the map, we didn't make some extravagant spawn city with towering skyscrapers and all that. All we have is a small village, and the rest of the world is up to the player base to build.

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