This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Established by the world famous YouTube group known as The Creatures, The Creatures Server offers an incredibly diverse range of gamemodes, ranging from the fierce battles of factions to the hours of fun in mini games and everything in between. Join the rapidly growing community and discover an experience you never dreamed you'd find with friends you never knew you had.

Here are a few descriptions of a few of the servers at the Hub to tickle your taste-buds.

The warriors of our Network dwell in our 2 Factions-based servers, both equipped with a variety of plugins to make the experience much more dramatic and in-depth. The Factions server mixes the harsh, unforgiving PVP environment with the strong sense of loyalty formed between faction members. Players set forth into the wilderness with only their bravery to guide them, and must fight for the chance of prosperity.

The rolling hills and grassy plains of the Economy server are adorned with the ever growing cities established by the community that resides here. Eco is based off of the principle of fair trade, and players are encouraged to interact with not only one another, but between larger communities to form real world-like trading relationships. These relationships allow the community to grow tighter as a whole, and prosper together in the cities of their dreams.

Tried and true, the SkyBlock server brings back the age old tradition of being stranded on a small amount of land floating above a sea of nothingness. This gamemode is plot based, so players can conquer the many challenges of survival on their own or with their friends. Complete the SkyBlock challenges and build an entire floating city if you can; you are only limited by your ingenuity and resourcefulness. Be careful though, as the tiny island is famous for its encouragement of treachery!

The first custom gamemode to hit the Creatures Server, a fast pace shooter centered around the core concepts of TitanFall, you drop right into the action and aim to kill as many as the enemy as possible, if you survive for long enough you can call down your titan and run through the map tearing through anyone standing in your way, earn money to buy better weapons and perks and change your loadout during the game so you can adapt to any situation this game can throw at you!

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