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Winds of Winter: Game of Thrones RPG


The Winds of Winter is a Minecraft server that's sole purpose is to simulate a realistic experience in the world created by George R. R. Martin, Westeros. As you might know, Westeros is a massive landscape scarred by constant conflict of greedy bloodlines seeking out dominance over the land. In order to simulate this conflict, we have wrapped our server in custom plugins developed by a literal team of Java coders who specialize in Bukkit.

The server has three main points of player interaction. The first is the player's ability to interact with NPCs and do quests for items and other rewards. The second is the individual’s ability to interact with other players on the server by crafting unique reputations of either good or bad morality (i.e. trading with them, or just murdering them). The final and grandest of the player’s interaction is that of the Bloodlines. Bloodlines are player-ran factions which can expand their empires across our massive map like a giant board game. All three of these mechanics envelop the player in a world that is truly engaging and very unforgiving.

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