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DAWN Craft!
This server does not have much abilities, but it hashey kiddo good looks!
Just kidding.
As long as the server is a server, I'm pretty sure we'll be fine! Now, let's start with the basics!

    To be honest I think you should start reading the rules as soon as you join the server! On the otehr side of your player, there is a set of warps! Use these warps carefully. Also, when you exit the wild spawn, you might be, killed, destroyed, or boned. Griefing some homes of people (that are not staff) is permitted but no TNT. PvP is also permitted, but you must plan a simple group. For example 2v5 is not fair, so about 4v5 or 5v5 would be fair! If you have any questions do /mail send DawnOSaurus;ZatieMC (message).
    Some things that players ask as soon as they see a new server and join it are, CAN I HAVE STAFF/DO YOU NEED HELP? As soo nas your gonna ask that question, here are the resaults: NO, or... apply here! Yes, We have an applying system. Thanks to our Co-Owner ZatieMC, we now have an applying system for people who want to be staff! In about a week, you should get your answer, if it's a RED, then that means NO. If it's a GREEN, then that means YES. If it says ?, or I-I then that either means that you haven't saved your answer data/submited, or you're just a 50 to 50. So then ? is probably gonna take more than 1 week. If anything probably 2-3 weeks!

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