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Welcome to NoveriaCraft! we are a small Factions Raiding server


Create your own faction, or join an already developed faction. Wage war on your enemies, and ultimately become the greatest faction on the planet of Noveria.

Sell and buy items to other players on our auction plugin.

MINIGAMES!: we now have spleef paintball AND more to come like skyblocks!

McMMO takes core Minecraft game mechanics and expand them and adds an extensive and quality RPG experience. Currently, mcMMO adds thirteen unique skills to train and level in.

When you kill an opponent in Noveria they drop a reward; their head. You can frame this head and add it to your collection to show off to fellow players. Or you can wear it on your head!

Diablodrops: mobs have a chance of dropping AMAZING items, like enchanted chestplates, and god swords! hope you enjoy!
join us have fun
recent fixes: fixed kits, fixed donation problems (DONATE

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